Tobago is a beautiful, lush Caribbean island which together with Trinidad forms the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Tobago’s strategic location, it lies in front of the Orinoco delta, close to Venezuela, Guyana and other Caribbean islands, and its fertile soil caused several European powers to continuously fight over its control throughout the 17th century.

map of caribbean

Map of Caribbean islands

In 1814 Tobago was eventually conquered by British powers and colonised with Trinidad in 1888. Nearly a hundred years later, in 1962, independence was achieved and the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was born. The battles between European powers, cutthroat slave revolts, rivalry between the indigenous Carib tribe and other Amerindian tribes and real pirates are all part of Tobago’s rich history, a history that oozes from every corner of this fascinating island!

Besides its lush history and culture, Tobago boasts amazing and unique flora and fauna. Often compared to the Galapagos Islands, the islands magical tropical flora and fauna is abundant all around: above sea level and underwater.


Colorful bougainvilleas

The diversity in plants, animals and marine life can be attributed to Tobago’s geographical traits. Firstly, the island used to be attached to mainland South America and the divers flora and fauna was retained after the separation. Secondly, the flowing together of the Caribbean sea and the Orinoco river, together with the cool North Atlantic currents have created clear coastal waters which are abounding in marine life; fish, coral and sea turtle. Lastly the island’s geographical location makes it the ideal stopping point for Northern or Southern migratory birds and butterflies. Tobago has it all!

Located just outside the Hurricane Belt, Tobago enjoys a warm, tropical and sublime sunny climate all-year-round! The average daytime temperature is 29°C with the night temperatures only dropping a few degrees, the enjoyment factor is high.

Parlatuvier Tobago

Overlooking Parlatuvier Bay

Like most Caribbean islands, Tobago knows two seasons: dry and wet. The dry season roughly runs from January to May and wet season officially runs from June to December – though the island can be enjoyed to the max throughout the whole year!

The great climate, astonishing flora and fauna, exquisite marine life and the island’s thrilling history provide the perfect backdrop for any tour, whether you’re looking to relax, play sports, do some dolphin spotting or partake in superb snorkeling!